Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Curious George Lesson

Yesterday morning, Abigail woke up and almost immediately asked if it was time for preschool. She has not been that excited about preschool for a while, so I was thrilled to hear her excitement!  When I told her that we would be doing a lesson about Curious George, she was even more excited; she LOVES the Curious George books!

We started our lesson by reading Curious George.

In the book, the man with the yellow hat finds George in Africa, so we pulled out our globe and found Africa.  Then, we used our fingers to trace the route that George's ship might have taken to get across the ocean.  Abigail thought it would take a long time to get from Africa to the United States. 

After finding Africa on the map, Abigail colored a map of Africa.  The map can be downloaded and printed here.

After our short geography lesson, we proceeded to complete the activities in the Living Life Intentionally Curious George Preschool Packet.  While Abigail enjoyed the entire packet, she had the most fun with the graphing activity.  She thought it was hilarious that the cat kept showing up when she rolled the die!

We used  our monkey alphabet flashcards,

our monkey counting mats,

and our monkey and banana pattern pieces.

Then, we read Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise.


After reading that book, we did ice cream cone letter matching

and ice cream cone counting.

Our last book was Curious George Makes Pancakes.


Then, we made our own homemade cinnamon pancakes for lunch (this recipe is amazing - there is maple syrup baked right into the pancakes!).

While I was reading the stories, Abigail colored one picture

and watercolored three more.  The Curious George coloring pages can be found here.

Throughout the first half of our lesson, Charlotte sat in her chair, listened to the stories, and colored this picture of Africa.  She really seems to like doing the same work as Abigail and gets very excited about coloring!

Abigail and I both loved our Curious George lesson; in fact, she asked if  we can do Curious George in preschool again soon.  Of course, I said "yes"!

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